An Action-Packed Autumn Day in Grindelwald First: From Mountain Carts & Trottibikes

Last weekend we spent a wonderful autumnal day in Grindelwald on the First. The weather didn’t look all that rosy at first, but luck was finally on our side, and the cloud cover suddenly broke, and the atmosphere in Grindelwald and up on the mountain was simply breathtaking! Mystical with the cloud-covered mountains and the sun’s rays, which made their way through the clouds…

But this time we didn’t go to the Schynige Platte for hiking in the Jungfrau region as we did in summer. This time it was an actual action day!

First, you can experience a lot that is not for the faint-hearted. Riding a Mountain Card, zooming over the hills on a rope with the First Flieger, or jetting down the valley on a Trottibike – and all of that in the middle of a breathtaking landscape at an altitude of over 2000 meters!

If we’ve inspired you to take a trip, post a picture on social media with the hashtag #LittleCITYtrips so we can stop by!

Grindelwald First: Mountain Cart fahren

The first thing we did was use the mountain carts, which you can use to drive from the Schreckfeld station to Bort. And I’ll tell you: It was so much fun!! I would have loved to have gone much further. I’m usually more of a shit rabbit when it comes to things like this, and I was suspicious of the mountain carts, a mixture of go-kart and toboggan. As soon as I started, I couldn’t have done anything else all day.

The great thing is that you have excellent control of the mountain cart, and I felt safe even at higher speeds. But if you prefer it a little slower, you can also go down the mountain very comfortably. But of course, it’s more fun with speed!

My favorite part of the route led across a meadow where cows grazed, where you sometimes drive 2 meters past a cow’s butt…


Last weekend we also had great guests who accompanied us to Grindelwald: Sandy, Benni, and little Liam from the YouTube channel Life with Sandy and Benni. Isn’t Liam cute in his yellow helmet?

Grindelwald First: First Flieger

After lunch in the First mountain inn, we wanted to take the First Flieger to Schreckfeld and waited in line (be sure to factor in the waiting time!). You zoom down 800 meters on a steel cable at up to 84 kilometers per hour at around 50 meters. Not for the faint of heart!

Unfortunately, the strong wind thwarted our plans after about 30 minutes of waiting, and the facility had to be closed. I’ll admit, a part of me was even a little happy because, as I said, I’m a shit rabbit! It’s still a pity because, as I know myself, I would have enjoyed it after a lot of effort. And I was so close! Hach… But safety comes first, of course.

Grindelwald First: First Cliff Walk by Tissot

Unfortunately, nothing happened with the First Flieger, but we marveled at the beautiful view a little longer and observed numerous paragliders. Another attraction up here is the “First Cliff Walk by Tissot.”

The circular route follows the cliff face on the western side of First Summit, and there is a spectacular 45-meter extended viewing platform just in front of the restaurant.

Grindelwald First: With the Trottibike into the valley

Instead of taking the First Flieger, we took the gondola back down to Schreckfeld, where we grabbed another mountain cart to Bort. As you can see, we couldn’t get enough of it! And from there, we went back to Grindelwald by scooter bike.

Riding the 4.5 km scooter bike down into the valley was fun, but I liked the mountain carts better. Riding the Trottibike wasn’t tricky, but it was pretty hands-on since you’re braking all the time. But it was fun to try them out.

Grindelwald First: Bachalpsee & hike to the Schynige Platte

Unfortunately, I have never seen the well-known Bachalpsee with my own eyes, which is said to be beautiful. It can be reached in around 45 minutes from First. Or you can visit it during the high-altitude hike to the Schynige Platte (5.5 hours), where we were in June. Feel free to drop by here to see more of the beautiful Jungfrau Region in the Bernese Oberland!

Yes, and then it was time to go back home. In Grindelwald, we caught the train back to Interlaken, from where we went back to Zurich via Bern.

By the way, Sandy and Benni were busy filmings that day, and I’m looking forward to the video on their channel! Please subscribe if you don’t want to miss the video. There will probably be some great drone footage from Adi!

I hope you enjoyed this little virtual trip to Grindelwald! Please leave us some feedback; we would be delighted.

Do you have any tips for us for beautiful hikes in the region? Then let us know!

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